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Frida In Los Angeles: The Hollyhock House
Digital Collage
16 X 20

Aline Barnsdall was the ultimate iconoclast, whose support of radical causes kept her under the watchful eye of the FBI for 24 years. She supported many radical causes not because she believed in them, but they shared her opposition to all conformity. A fiercely independent feminist and a single mother at a time when women were simply not single mothers. More importantly, she was also the real mother of modern architecture, having brought Frank Lloyd Wright, Rudolph Shindler, and Richard Neutra to California to work on the avante garde theater colony she envisioned for Olive Hill in Los Feliz. Without Aline Barnsdall, Frank Lloyd Wright might never have come to California. Ms. Barnsdall invited Frida for a full day of meeting with all the avant-garde writers and artists in Los Angeles.

Edition of 10
Signed and Numbered

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