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Patssi Valdez, Gronk, ASCO, Nervous Gender, Louis Jacinto, Fine Art Photography

On Tuesday, October 31, 1978 ASCO artists Gronk and Patssi Valdez had an exhibition and party at L.A.C.E. Gallery in downtown Los Angeles.

The party included the second and final performance of punk band The Snappers. But that night Snapper members Gerardo Velasquez and Michael Ochoa met Edward Stapleton and decided to form Nervous Gender.

No photographs of Gronk were taken. No photographs of Patssi Valdez were taken. Just a voyeuristic view of their guests.

And the demise of The Snappers and the spawning of Nervous Gender.

Images from GRONKPATSSIPARTY are included in the exhibition ASCO: Elite of the Obscure, A Retrospective

"The real treat here for fans of obscure L.A. punk bands are photos of the last performance of The Snappers, a short-lived group comprised of Robert Beccerra, Jess "Fixx" Amezquita (original guitarist and bassist, respectively, for East L.A. punk legends The Stains), Michael Ochoa, and Gerardo Velazquez, who met Edward Stapleton that night and went on to start synth-punk sensations Nervous Gender." - Jimmy Alvarado, Razorcake Magazine, 2009

GRONKPATSSIPARTY is currently available exclusively at LACE Gallery in Los Angeles.