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Frida In Los Angeles:  Catalina Island
Frida In Los Angeles: Catalina Island
Digital Collage
16 X 20

Once Frida’s social engagements with both Aline Barnsdall and Alice Millard are mentioned in the Society pages of the Los Angeles Times, more invitations continue to arrive daily. Frida decides to accept just one more invitation - an overnight stay at the home of Ada Wrigley, widow of household products and chewing gum magnate, William Wrigley, Jr., on Catalina Island. After her husband’s death in 1932, Mrs. Wrigley moved permanently back to the family mansion in Pasadena, but visited the home on the island often. Frida absolutely adored her stay. She would later state that of all the places she visited in Los Angeles, Catalina Island, with its clean fresh air and crystal blue water, were her favorite and most relaxing; for her, a true Southern California vacation.

Edition of 10
Signed and Numbered

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